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Michael Vick chew toy - payback is a b-tch

Now every dog in the country can set the score straight with the "Michael Vick chew toy" for just $7.99

Michael Vick chew toy - payback is a b-tch Almost all of Michael Vick sponsors are leaving his camp. There will be no Vick shoes, no jerseys, but now you can get a different piece of memorabilia - the Michael Vick chew toy. According to the website of the seller:

 "Is it different you ask? You bet it is! The Vick Dog Chew Toy is made of state of the art "dog" material. The Vick Toy Doll is so strong and flexible, it will challenge even the most aggressive breeds. Especially Mike's Favorite Breed, The Pit Bull. Unlike Vick, our manufacturer is so sure of its durability they guarantee it against the most aggressive dog destruction. It Bends. It Bounces. It Flies. It Floats. And best of all, it lasts through the whole season and more!"

 No one knows how long will this dog toy be on the market, as it breaks a long list of copyrights - NFL, Atlanta Falcons and Michael Vick, and likely a lawsuit will follow from all three for unauthorized use of their names and products. Soon the Michael Vick chew toy will be just another product with his name to leave the market and a new "rare item" on eBay.

 According to the dog toy will be available for delivery on Tuesday and part of the proceeds will go to "help the Humane Society shed some light on this horrendous sport of dogfighting."

Published on 08/06/2007

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