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Fake Steve Jobs - an editor at Forbes

The mystery is finally revealed, Daniel Lyons, a senior editor at Forbes magazine, is the Fake Steve Jobs (FSJ).

Fake Steve Jobs - an editor at Forbes The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs is not so secret anymore. The New York Times reporter Brad Stone was the first to uncover the identity behind the "Fake Steve Jobs" - an editor at Forbes magazine by the name of Daniel Lyons.

 For a long time Lyons pretended to write on behalf of the Apple Inc. chief executive Steve Jobs and he was doing a great job entertaining the public, calling prominent IT personnel "knuckleheads", "goofballs" and the ever-so-popular "numbnutses".

 But the fun is now over for Daniel Lyons and many question the entertainment value behind the blog, once the identity behind the Fake Steve has been revealed. Plus, people did secretly hope that the real Steve Jobs was behind the fake Steve Jobs...

 The blog, located at will now be run as part of the Forbes magazine.

Meet the real Fake Steve Jobs, watch the video:


Published on 08/06/2007

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