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Hillary Clinton extends lead, crackdown on lenders

 Hillary Clinton has extended her lead over Barack Obama and plans a crackdown on rogue lenders.

Hillary Clinton extends lead, crackdown on lenders According to the latest national USA Today/Gallup Poll published on Monday, Hillary Clinton has extend her lead over her main Democratic contender Barack Obama. The survey says that Hillary Clinton is now at 48%, which is a 22-point lead over Barack Obama, who was listed at 26%. Third is John Edwards with 12%.

 Compared to a similar poll three weeks ago, Clinton's support is now 8% higher, while Barack Obama has lost 2 points during the period. The widening gap between the two presidential candidates is likely a reflection of their foreign policy dispute over the past week.

 Barack Obama made a long list of mistakes and was not able to prove to his potential voters that he will follow a consistent direction when dealing with foreign countries. First, Obama told the people he will meet with the leaders of hostile countries, such as Cuba and Iran, during his first year in the White House. Under pressure by Hillary Clinton for planning a "naive" foreign policy, he threatened Pakistan and Afghanistan with military invasion. Barack Obama also said he will never use nuclear weapons - a statement many experts on both isles agree should never be made by a president.

 Through the entire week Hillary Clinton proved the more experienced candidate, leading Obama deeper into the net she spun with a simple remark about his foreign policy. While Barack Obama swung from an extreme liberal to an exact copy of the Bush Administration, Hillary remained on point and strengthen her position in the voters eyes as someone possessing the means to bring real change.

 On Thursday Hillary Clinton aimed to sweep up even more supporters by promising clamping down on lending abuses and providing more aid to families who face losing their homes. Foreclosures are a hot button at the moment with more grim data on a brewing housing crisis in America. Thousands are facing the possibility of losing their homes because they accepted mortgages which have become too expensive to pay. Hillary Clinton also proposed a $1 billion fund to supplement state programs that help homeowners catch up on mortgage payments, renegotiate loan terms or provide financial counseling.

 Following the latest news, the online oddsmaker Bodog Sports (new window) has slashed the odds on Hillary Clinton to be chosen as the Democratic Presidential candidate from 2/1 to 2/5. Barack Obama is now listed at 12/5.

Published on 08/07/2007

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