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Pacman Jones suspended from wrestling as well

 The Tennessee Titans have filed court papers to prohibit Pacman Jones from wrestling, while suspended from the NFL team.

Pacman Jones suspended from wrestling as well Adam "Pacman" Jones, the suspended The Tennessee Titans cornerback, will not be wrestling, either. The Titans have been granted a court order which prohibits Pacman Jones from participating in wrestling.

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 Jones was scheduled to appear on Sunday at a TNA Wrestling event called "Hard Justice", but the Williamson County court order would prevent the football player of making his wresting debut.

 A statement from the Titans read: "All NFL players have language in their contracts that prohibit them from engaging in activities, which may involve a significant risk of personal injury. We certainly believe wrestling to be hazardous, and it is obvious from the player's conduct that he is ignoring this aspect of his agreements with the club."

 Pacman Jones was suspended for one year, after numerous legal problems and arrests. Meanwhile, three of his traffic citations have been dismissed, but Pacman still faces felony charges for his alleged participation in a triple-shooting at a Las Vegas strip club earlier this year. Another felony sentence could come out of his 2006 physical altercation with a police officer in Atlanta, Georgia.

Published on 08/10/2007

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