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Michael Vick to be suspended for the season soon

 Reports in the media suggest that Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick will be suspended for the season within a week.

Michael Vick to be suspended for the season soon According to Yahoo Sports, the troubled Falcons quarterback Michael Vick will be suspended for the season. The news portal claims that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has already made the decision to suspend Michael Vick for the entire NFL season and he will announce the suspension of the QB this week.

 Yahoo Sports is citing two unnamed sources for their claim that Michael Vick will be "resting" this season. One of the sources tells Yahoo that Goodell made his decision as soon as the legal troubles started.

 Of course, using unnamed sources is the oldest trick in the book, but many experts agree that, after the testimony of one of the co-defendants in the dogfighting case against Michael Vick, the QB will leave no choice to the NFL commissioner but to suspend him for the 2007-2008 season. Michael Vick has already been told by Goodell not to report to training camp and the co-defendant testimony would prove that Vick lied to Roger Goodell that he was not involved in the dogfighting ring ran from his Virginia property.

 Anyhow, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has said on a few occasions that he will refrain from making a decision until the Eric Holder's report is complete, which could take at least one more week.

Published on 08/13/2007

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