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Beyonce wardrobe malfunction in Canada, watch the video

Another great find about Beyonce, this time we have the video of her wardrobe malfunction in Toronto, Canada.

Beyonce wardrobe malfunction in Canada, watch the video Beyonce just has no luck performing live. After the recent fall on stage, this time the singer's dress flew up in the air during a concert in Toronto, Canada, exposing her breasts for a short but sweet second' of course she was not wearing a bra. Beyonce quickly realized the he wardrobe malfunction and pushed down on the dress to cover her shame. Then she continued with her dance routine.

 Many fans were out there capturing this priceless moment with their cell phone cameras, and the videos of Beyonce's wardrobe malfunction are starting to pop up on the video sharing websites.

 We have found one on YouTube, but will keep on looking for a more reliable source (we've found it on LiveLeak). Last time Beyonce had a "mishap" during concert, her lawyers were quick to request the videos of her falling during concert removed from YouTube. Can you imagine how quick they would be this time with her breasts showing?

Watch the video of Beyonce's dress flying off during concert in Toronto Canada:


Published on 08/22/2007

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