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Beyonce falls during concert, video attacked by lawyers

 After Beyonce falls on stage face first down the stairs, YouTube videos of the incident taken down.

Beyonce falls during concert, video attacked by lawyers Oh, how vain could the celebrities be. Don't worry, we have the video of Beyonce falling down the stairs during her Orlando concert.  According to some reports, more than one million people have seen the video on the Internet so far, so what's another 2-3 million?

 Even though Beyonce is heard on some videos asking not to be posted - tough luck. But have to admit - the video of Beyonce falling down is very hard to come by. Why? Apparently, Sony BMG have launched an attack on YouTube citing some copyright violations. We don't worry about it, as we do not host the video, only found the right website with Beyonces video falling during her concert. We found it on Live Leak.

 If you think she has the right of privacy during a concert, don't watch the video. For those who want to see the video of Beyonce Knowles falling down the stairs, scroll down.

 Meanwhile, there are rumors that the online betting website Bodog Sports will offer odds on which celebrity will fall next. If that's true, soon people would be able to monetarist on other people's mishaps.

Watch the video of Beyonce falling:


Published on 07/26/2007

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