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MTV and MySpace partner for the Presidential Elections

MySpace and MTV are partnering to offer the presidential candidates a way to connect with the younger voters.

MTV and MySpace partner for the Presidential Elections The Viacom-owned MTV is partnering with the News Corp.-owned MySpace to offer a series of live online TV and online video chats between the presidential candidates and the young voters in the country. People can send emails, IMs and video questions in real-time during the events, which will be broadcasted on MTV, mtvU, and online at MySpaceTV and So far all of the top tier candidates from both parties have signed up for participation in the MySpace MTV debates.

 The first event will take place on September 27th in New Hampshire with Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards and will run through December, with 11 dialogues each at least one hour long. During the events, the candidates will be located on college campuses throughout the nation. Other Democrats who have signed up for the MySpace-MTV debates are Sen. Barack Obama, Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Chris Dodd and Gov. Bill Richardson. Republicans who will participate include the former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Sam Brownback, Rep. Duncan Hunter, Rep. Ron Paul and former Gov. Mitt Romney.

Published on 08/23/2007

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