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George Hotz finds hack for iPhone to unlock from AT&T

George Hotz, 17, has written an application hack to unlock the iPhone and use with any other carrier around the world.

George Hotz finds hack for iPhone to unlock from AT&T The much hyped iPhone and its maker Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) have met their match in the face of 17-years-old George Hotz, who was able to write a software application to unlock the trendy device from AT&T. Currently, iPhone owners and future buyers can use the device only through the network of AT&T, but the desire of George Hotz to hook up his cell phone to T-Mobile lead to the hack. According to Hotz, once the iPhone is unlocked, it could be used with almost any other carrier around the world.

 He and a group of programmers came up with the hack, which is described on his blog at and has a video included, which has already generated almost 200,000 views on YouTube. We have the video of the iPhone hack below, keep in mind that the video may be taken down pretty soon by AT&T lawyers.

 George Hotz is also selling the first iPhone he hacked, according to his blog, to get some extra money for college. Watch the video directions to unlock the iPhone:


Published on 08/24/2007

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