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Chiefs Larry Johnson rap a complete hoax

The Larry Johnson's rap turns out a complete fake after NFL investigation starts.

Chiefs Larry Johnson rap a complete hoax The NFL announced earlier on Friday that it has launched an investigation into freestyle rap song, allegedly by the Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson. The song contained profound lyrics, "f" and "n" words and offensive language towards the Chiefs president and general manager Carl Peterson. Part of the song was "Carl Peterson, the GM's running it. They see me, they want to treat me like I'm running it. I wouldn't give a f--- if I'm not coming back. I'd rather play for another team because I'd rather be a running back," and it was posted on the MySpace page of a rap group called "SBL Mob".

 After the NFL announced the launch of the investigation, two different explanations of Larry Johnson's rap song emerged. Both were given by James Tinberg, owner of Basement Entertainment, which promotes SBL Mob. First, Tinberg told a local newspaper that Larry Johnson freestyled at a going-away party for former Chief and Kansas State Wildcat Joe Hall, but the actual free-style by Johnson contained nothing offensive. DJ's however, took the song and re-arranged the lyrics in the form which sparked an NFL investigation, using a software called Cool Edit Pro.

 Kansas City website The Pitch quotes James Tinberg saying “Everybody’s rapping, and L.J. wants to get on the mic. He gets on the mic and raps for a while. He gets off and everybody’s chopping around with the song … switching around what he says and stuff, and he didn’t care. He didn’t think it was a big deal, either.”

 Later James Tinberg changed his story when talking to AP, telling them that the rapper isn't Johnson at all, but someone imitating the athlete's voice. When asked about his previous statement, he said he lied and that he "used the media" as a publicity stunt to promote SBL Mob.

 Chiefs running back Larry Johnson denied the authenticity of the song from the very beginning, a statement from Johnson read: "I've had ongoing problems with people impersonating me on MySpace pages. I've alerted the NFL security about the raps on the Internet that supposedly have been rapped by me which they are not. It's in NFL security's hands and I'm pretty sure they'll take care of it to the best of their ability."

Published on 09/14/2007

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