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Online casino offering bonus for every casino deposit

Online casino offering bonus for every casino deposit It's hardly a secret among the online gambling communities that the online casinos are offering big bonuses for new players. The bonus offer is indeed the sharpest tool in the online casinos' arsenal and they do use it quite often. Everyone who gambles on the Internet knows that at some online casinos new players could deposit a very small amount of money and start playing with a lot. At the Las Vegas USA online casino, for example, the bonus for new players is 125% match-up, meaning that if you deposit $100 at the online casino you will start playing with $225 right away. Of course, those big bonus offers by the online casinos are reserved for the first deposit only, i.e. the first time a player deposits money at the casino. After that, the bonuses come weekly, although you can still get some pretty good deals, as high as 300% reload bonuses.

 But for those gamblers looking to get free bonus money from the online casino every time they make a transaction, there is only one casino to visit - the Bodog Casino (official website). This online casino is beating all of the rest in the long run, since it offers 10% bonus on every deposit you make here. Every time a player at Bodog funds his or her account, 10% of the deposit amount will be added on top of the money depositing by the patron. Granted, as a first deposit bonus this online casino is far behind the rest (unless you deposit really big, since there is no limit to the free money you'd get), but in the long term this is the best offer by any of the online casinos.

 The Bodog website is actually a complete online gambling website. Not only an online casino, but also sports betting and poker services are also offered by this gambling company. Keep in mind that since the operation of the online casino is based in Canada, residents from that country are barred from entering the virtual casino, U.S. players, however, are welcomed here and have plenty of depositing options available to them. The online casino itself is based on the RTG gambling software platform with more than 100 different games, a lot of big-jackpot progressive slots and all casino table games. If you are seeking an online casino that would reward you every time you make a deposit, no matter how many or how much - the Bodog online casino is the place to visit.

 Published on 07/20/2009

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