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Online casinos increase bonus offers in time for the Holidays

Online casinos increase bonus offers in time for the Holidays Great news for the online casino players, a number of the top companies have increased their welcome bonuses just in time for the Holidays. And hold on to your pants as the bonus offers are out of this world! We have two of the most popular online casinos in the USA raising the bonus for new customers from $500 all the way up to the current $3,000 and we are talking about cashable bonus. If you are new to online gambling and feel a bit confused by the terms, read this entire article, as we explain cashable bonus and welcome bonus in more depth in the last paragraph.

 The online casinos Las Vegas USA and Vegas Casino Online have both raised their bonus for first-time depositors (new customers) from the old 125% up to $500 to the new 150%, which would allow you to get the dollar amount equal to $3,000, instead of the old $500. This offer is simply amazing and it couldn't come at a better time, what with the Holiday shopping and all the money people will be spending on gifts, it's great to be able to not double your initial casino chips, but get 150% of what you deposit absolutely free and cashable. We have to say, there will be a lot of customers of those two casinos that will be very happy this Holiday season. Head over to the casinos, by clicking on the links above, which lead to the official websites of the two online casinos. And don't forget that customers could also add an additional $25 bonus just for using MST gift card for depositing the money.

The welcome bonus (also referred to as sign-up bonus) is a popular free money feature of all internet casinos today. It gives the new customer a certain amount of free casino chips (free money) based on the amount he or she deposited. Often shown as a percentage (for example the 150% in the offers we talked about earlier), it has an upper limit, which is expressed in dollar amount. An example is the aforementioned offers, 150% up to $3,000 free bonus. What makes the bonus cashable is the opportunity to cash out (withdraw) not only the winnings resulting from the bonus, but the bonus itself. These days many online casinos will subtract the bonus amount you received from the withdrawal amount before processing your payment. A cashable bonus avoids this player-unfriendly feature.

 Published on 12/13/2012

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