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Online Casino: Alternatives to credit card deposits

Online Casino: Alternatives to credit card deposits While no on e would argue that credit cards are considered the easiest and most convenient method of deposit at the online casino, there are some alternatives that may help funding your casino account, when the credit cards are not an option. While all online casinos claim that they accept credit cards, the actual success rate of deposits via those methods will vary drastically, not only between casinos, but at different times at the same online casino. Since the casino websites use a number of credit card processors to complete your transaction, sometimes even at the same casino you could be able to deposit once and then find yourself declined. In cases as those and similar ones, we will take a look at some of the alternatives the online casinos offer to the credit card deposits.

 There are two major types of credit card alternatives - the money order and the ewallet. Let's talk briefly about the money order, then we will take a look at some of the more popular ewallets. The money orders are quite easy to use and more online casinos are adding them to their lists of cashier options. They are basically Western Union or Money Gram transactions that players send using information supplied by the casino. While very convenient, since both Western Union and Money Gram offer the option to send money through their websites, rather than going to a retailer location, the fees are very high and should be used only when the online casino will actually reimburse your fees. Otherwise one is much better off simply using the ewallets.

 Speaking of ewallets, let's see what's available out there. First, for those who are just getting into the whole online gambling thing, the ewallets are simply middlemen between you and the online casino. A perfect example is the most popular ewallet of them all - PayPal. Unfortunately, only a couple of UK casinos at this time offer PayPal deposits, but there are other ewallets working with the internet gambling industry one can use to fund their casino account.

 MSTGiftCards is among the more popular ones and is currently utilized by some of the casinos on our Best Online Casinos list, for example, Vas Vegas USA, Vegas Casino Online and Old Havana Casino, to name a few. The ewallet is specific to those casinos, which ensures safety and security of your personal information. It works in the form of a voucher, where the casino will supply you with the information of how to purchase your voucher using a credit card of your choosing and then use the voucher to buy chips at the casino. A pretty straightforward alternative method if your credit card deposit doesn't go through for some reason. Keep in mind, again, that MST Gift Cards work only with the online casinos that offer the method, see the aforementioned ones as the best choice.

 Published on 12/16/2013

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