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Online poker site review: Bodog Poker Room still the best

Online poker site review: Bodog Poker Room still the best We do rarely write an online poker site review, but with the decreasing options of honest poker rooms we have to. There are quite a few online poker rooms these days and contrary on the popular belief, a lot of them still allow US poker players to join their tables. But what has become a trend in the past few months is the worst part - people e are getting stung constantly by those poker sites, scandals and accusations of cheating players out of their money are an everyday occurrence when playing online poker. And the U.S. government desire to push the online poker sites towards the shady side of the Internet, instead of regulating and overseeing their activities, hasn't help much either.

 But in our opinion, there is one player on the scene which has remained a very secure and trusted online poker site - the Bodog Poker Room (official website). While other poker sites battle cheaters, bots and payment processors, Bodog Poker Room is standing strong, without any complaints from players being cheated or money disappearing. Although the casino and sportsbook section of the Bodog's array of gambling services are well known, for some reason the poker room has been in a way overlooked in the past by the people enjoying this centuries-old card game. But now, with all the bad news surrounding almost every other online poker site, Bodog Poker is becoming the natural choice for poker players throughout the world.

 So what makes this online poker site the best in the industry? First and foremost - the security. In the past security was hardly a factor when evaluating an online poker site - the online poker rooms have just popped up and people were "greenhorns". Everyone wanted to play poker online and almost no one knew much about bots and fake accounts, they just assumed they were playing a though opponent. But with time passing by, people smartened up and pretty much every cheating scandal involving an online poker room has been discovered by the players at that particular poker site, rather than the management coming out on the open and admitting wrongdoings. But Bodog Poker not only guarantees security, they deliver as well. You won't find any cheating scandals with their name in it and nowadays this means a lot. Security in a poker site should be one of your major concerns, but with Bodog this is unnecessary - focus on your game and don't worry about cheaters.

 Naturally this online poker site offers a sizable bonus for those players willing to try their poker room for the first time, 110% on your first deposit (up to your currency equivalent of $500), to be exact. This is great for new poker players, who are looking to play poker tournaments - you'd be able to join twice the tables than you normally would. And speaking of tournaments - this poker site offers at least one tournament every 15 minutes, $100,000 weekly guaranteed tournament every Sunday and $5 million guaranteed every month! Yes, you read that right, five million tourney every single month. You want more? How about over 100 seat for the World Series of Poker up for grabs at Bodog Poker? You can either buy your way in to the semifinal table or just fight your way through $1.50 cheap seats, either way, WSOP seats will be won this year. Talking about an online poker room loaded up with prizes.

 Want to know more? Have more questions? No problem, visit Bodog Poker and contact the customer service - courteous and knowledgeable representatives are answering fast.

 Published on 04/29/2008

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