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Search Online Casino: Guide to successful search for online casino

 Contrary to the popular belief, searching for online casino is not easy and therefore we have thrown together this guide to help you successfully search for online casinos. Here you will find out the major points and features to look for when searching for online casinos, tips that will help you land on a good online casino rather than a rogue one. Follow this guide and you will be able to search and find casinos without any issues or simply click on any of the casino banners on this page and save yourself time and possibly frustration.

 There are literally hundreds of different aspects to look for when searching for online casino but here we will touch upon the very basic ones, which are also the most important things to watch out for. We will begin our guide to successful search for online casino with a warning. Keep in mind that the Internet is an open network and everyone in the world, with enough skill and little money, can create a gambling website. There are thousands of fake online casinos out there which are created for the purpose of stealing your personal information and money, an unfortunate drawback from the ever-increasing popularity of online gambling. That's why when searching the net for online casinos, the best way is to visit a reputable guide, may we recommend our own guide to the best online casinos? By using our recommended list of online casinos you are saving both time and effort that you must invest of otherwise decide to search for online casinos by yourself. We have listed not only the reputable online casinos, i.e. those gambling websites that have been in the industry for years and have a clean bill of health, but just the best of those casino websites.

 Of course, you can always decide that you will search online casino by yourself and if you do go down that road, here are some tips and features to look for in an online casino. Beginning with one of the big ones - the software the online casino uses. There is a large number of online gambling software developers but the current big players are RealTime Gaming (RTG), Vegas Technology, Rival and Microgaming. Which online casino software you will choose is up to you, but the main difference between them is the games. For example, RTG-powered online casinos will have different games than those offered by an online casino using the Vegas Tech software. So if you've already played at an RTG casino and would like to try some different games, the best course of action is to look for a casino using the Vegas Tech software. Another major difference is that some gambling software developers have decided to exclude people from certain countries to play at the online casinos they license. Microgaming for example is a great software, but does not allow U.S. players to join the casinos using it. Your best bet is to search online casinos using the RTG or Vegas Tech software. Our recommendation for top of the line casinos using the RTG software is Vegas Casino Online and for the Vegas Technology software - the popular Golden Casino.

 Now that we have covered the gambling software and the fact that not all online casinos allow players from certain countries, like USA, it's time to drill down. The next feature one should note when doing "search online casino" query is the bonus offer. All casino websites today offer free money to new customers, which is one of the many great things about the internet based casinos. With the online casinos a new player will get a match-up bonus offer, i.e. a bonus which size depends on the deposit you make at the casino. When you search for online casino you will find out that not all bonus offers are the same or even similar, but one thing you must keep in mind - the bonus is derived as a percentage of the deposit amount and the advertised dollar amount is usually the max bonus you can get. Following this rule of thumb - always look at exactly what percentage of your first deposit at the online casino you will get as a bonus, not the dollar amount. For example, some online casinos will give you 100% match-up of your first deposit as free money, some will offer 125% and others may offer as low as just 10%. Clearly this is something you must discover when searching for online casinos on the internet and you want to get the most bang for your buck.

 The next step in the search online casino task is to make sure the gambling site has all the casino games you like. There are two ways you can approach this - one is to check out the "Games" section of the casino website and the other is to download the online casino and open a "fun player" account, i.e. you can play the casino games with pretend money to make sure the games available are what you are searching for. We do recommend going with the second method as this gives you the best view of the online casino, but you should do so only after you have completed the previous steps. As mentioned earlier, different casinos will have different games and some online casinos go a bit further by focusing mostly on one type of casino game, for example slot machines, while the rest, such as table games or video poker, are not as developed and don't have many variations and betting options. At the same time, if slots are your vice, that type of online casino would be perfect for you. So to summarize, when searching for online casinos it pays off to download and try the casino using the fun play account first.

 Another feature of the online casinos to search for and discover before you make your decision is the depositing options. Check out the "Cashier" section of the gambling website first to make sure that you can pay using a depositing method available to you, otherwise it's a real waste of time if you find a great online casino but cannot deposit because it doesn't support your preferred payment method. For example, not all online casinos you will find during your search will accept credit cards as a way to fund your players account. Others will have ewallets, which a better, faster and more convenient, but the ewallet you use primarily may not be available at that particular online casino. So it's better to be prepared than to plan after. We have listed all those features on our recommended casino list to make it easier for you.

 And finally, after you have done your search for online casino and have found one that seems to be the best match to what you are looking for - do a bit of research to make sure it's not rogue. The shady side of the internet has become very sophisticated in creating perfect looking online casinos which are fronts for theft. So visit a few gambling portals, check out the player forums to find out if anything bad or good is being said about that particular online casino and learn from the mistakes other people may have made. Overall it does look like a tedious job, the search for online casino, but all this could be easily avoided by simply using our best online casino guide and save yourself all these hustles arising from searching online casinos yourself.

 Published on 09/22/2009

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