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Gambling: Common slot machine myths

 There are several related slot myths that you will come across and many players are advised not to consider some of the false myths that are portrayed at several online journals and online article directories. In this article we will look at some of the following myths that you will find at many online casino article directories.

 A Slot That Has Not Paid Out Is Due - This myth is not true at all. All slot machines make use of the RNG (Random Number Generator) which produces the outcome of each combination at random. The outcome of one combination does not affect the outcome of the next following combinations. Hence, a slot machine that has not paid can continue doing this and this does not mean that the machine is now loose or possibly close to hitting a jackpot. Therefore, players are urged that if a slot machine has not paid out you should not playing it continuously without managing your bankroll due to the fact that you will lose all your bankroll and you will never get to hit the jackpot.

 I Can Count Upon the Payout Percentage - Players are often mislead by the slot payout rate. If a slot payout rate is at 97% this does not literally mean that you will get to receive all the money back and lose only 3% of it. The payout rate of a slot machine can be paid out after a long time and players would have to make sure that they do not risk with all their money anticipating that they will get to receive it back. The more you play is the more chances you will get to receive you payout rate but this has to be done carefully and bankroll management has got to be used extensively.

 Some Slot Systems Work - Slot systems do not work at all. The systems marketed all over the internet are not good. Players should bear in mind that all slot machines make use of the RNG and there is absolutely no way you can cheat them and always be on a winning streak. Therefore, players would have to shun away from purchases these slot systems.

 Playing slot machines is a way of entertaining oneself and you certainly have to be lucky to hit the jackpot. Slot machines are a game of luck and these would have to be played by people who are out there seeking for fun not great returns out of it. If you play for fun then you will certainly experience great gaming and can also win lots of cash.

 Published on 05/24/2010

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