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Sports betting on NFL already underway at the sportsbooks

 Although we are a long time away from the start of the NFL season, July appears to be slow enough in sports betting that bettors are already placing wagers on the NFL futures. The online sportsbooks have reported a great increase in interest in the NFL futures, the betting odds on the NFL teams to win, usually the Super Bowl and divisions. And with the Steelers - Cardinals matchup earlier this year, no surprise bettors are looking for a good underdog to take advantage of before the start of the regular NFL season. And although the sports betting on the NFL futures is still mostly confined to the home team, i.e. people a placing relatively small bets on their favorite team to win, banking on a surprise most of the time, the NFL betting is sure to increase, both in numbers and size of bets in the upcoming weeks.

 For the early birds this NFL season, we will look at the top favorite football teams to win the Super Bowl, as well as the AFC and NFC. For the latest NFL betting odds we visited the popular online sportsbook Bodog Sports (official website), which offers the top future odds on the football teams. Don't forget you can see live sports betting odds and NFL point spread on this page at any time. So who is the top dog entering the new NFL season this year at the offshore sportsbook? No surprise here - the New England Patriots are once again the odds-on favorite to win the Super Bowl among the NFL franchises, the Patriots holding best odds 4/1 to win the Super Bowl in 2010. The current champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers are next with 9/1 odds to repeat success next year, followed by the Philadelphia Eagles, holding 11/1 odds on Super Bowl rings. The Chargers are sitting on 12/1, followed by the Colts with 13/1 odds to win the Super Bowl.

 As far as the AFC odds, as expected the sportsbook is predicting a two-horse race between the Patriots (9/5 to win) and the Steelers (9/2 odds). The underdog here are the Oakland Raiders with 45/1 odds. The NFC sports betting odds show a battle between the Giants at 4/1 to win the conference with the Eagles on their heels with 9/2 odds. Keep in mind that those numbers will change relative to the sports betting taking place in the future. So if you see long odds on a team you think has a good chance of winning, make sure you lock them on early, before NFL sports betting picks up speed. For example, the Steelers were 18/1 last year to win the Super Bowl and the early bettors did make out with some nice sums of money. Visit the sportsbook Bodog Sports to see the full list of sports betting odds on the NFL teams or to place your bets early on.

 Published on 07/07/2009

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