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The pros and cons of video slots machines

 Many companies nowadays are now providing video slot machines which have got stunning graphics and sound and video slots are now extremely fantastic than the real machines. The sound effects including graphics are tailor made to suit each specific game and another fascinating thing about video slots is that players can simply stand and watch the game as it plays due to its fantastic graphics.

 Another advantage about video slots is that they offer more paylines than compare to other slot machines and the coins you can bet are higher. For example if playing the multiplier video slots or the bonus multiplier video slots and you get a winning combination your payout will be very high due to the fact that you are able to bet with more coins on more paylines. Another great advantage is that the video slots have got a higher jackpot. The video slots have got more paylines and reels than other slot machines and this also increasing the player chance of winning. Video slots offer more bonuses and at most instances players are able to get free spins for ever coin they wager due to points accumulated.

 The only set back of the video slots is that there are only a few companies which offer great video slot machines. Bally Gaming - which started in 1931 became the first company to offer an EVO platform in the video slots during recent years. The most popular video slot games they offer include Playboy Video Slots, Saturday Night LIVE, Blazing 7’s and Texas Cash.

 Microgaming is another company which has marketed and developed video slot machines and it has become to be one of the world’s biggest developers of online gaming software. The company was founded in 1996 and it quickly gained so much popularity in the online casino industry for delivering fantastic casino games as well as online video slots. They currently offer over 100 video slot games and they consistently keep adding new games and new updates of their previous versions. Some of their popular games include Mega Moolah, Thunderstruck and Tomb Raider.

 IGT - This is a company which has brought the video poker to online casinos. It has actually brought an evolution of the video slots to video poker and several online casinos now provide video poker supported by the IGT.

 Published on 05/31/2010

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