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Where to bet on NFL: Best sites for NFL betting online

 With yet another football season approaching, many new to online betting are asking the question - where to bet on NFL this year? Luckily you have found our website and we will give you the run-down of the best websites for NFL betting this season. As it always happens, many sports betting websites have shut their doors in the past few months (for whatever reason), but our selection of the top sites for NFL betting online remains unchanged. Why, one may ask - because we always recommend the best and those sportsbooks are here to stay for many years. Thus, if you have read any of our last year's guides to where to bet on NFL, you can easily skip this one and simply bet at the sportsbooks we have already mentioned to you an year ago.

 Before we let you know where to bet on NFL, let's look at the criteria we have taken into account when crafting our sports betting recommendations for this football season. First and foremost honesty and integrity are the two criteria we take into consideration before we even think about reviewing an online sportsbook, whether to bet on the NFL or any other reason. As you will see, the NFL betting sites we have acknowledged below all have 10+ years of clean track record, that's more than a decade of running a clean sheet on their business, a feat new bettors will not quite appreciate, but experienced online gamblers will find it hard to overlook. Let's not forget that one cannot run a bad business for such a long time, especially on the internet. Longevity like this can only mean that the NFL betting sites take great care of their customers and are always there for them.

 In addition to the honesty and integrity, we also want to make sure that people who want to learn where to bet on NFL will not be left disappointed by the lack of depositing and withdrawal methods available to them. No one wants to spend the time opening an account with a sportsbook just to find out that there is only one way to find your bettors' account and that method doesn't work for you. Things are even uglier if you are one of the last minute bettors and way until a game day to try and place some NFL bets. Besides the criteria already mentioned, in order for us to recommend sites where to bet on the NFL games we also look into the "betting markets", i.e. how many different bets can be place on a football game, for example, money line, point spread, first touchdown, first team to rake in 100yrds. etc. The more betting markets a sportsbook offers, the better one's chances to win betting on NFL. Also important are customer service response times, time it takes to solve issues, time until a withdrawal is processed, general feel of the sportsbook and how easy it is to navigate among the many betting options one has. And here is the cream of the crop, the best answers to the question "where to bet on NFL":

 Bookmaker (up to $2,500 free for new customers) - by far the best sports betting website when it comes to betting on the NFL games. It was a though decision between Bookmaker and the runner-up (see next betting site on the list), but what really tipped the scales was the speed of the odds making. While with the majority of the betting websites the NFL odds are published around Thursday morning, at Bookmaker you can start betting the NFL games as early as Monday and usually by Tuesday all the NFL games have their odds already posted on the website. For many this may not make such a difference but a select group of early bettors would appreciate the odds posted so early in the week. This also gave Bookmaker the advantage to be rated the top online sportsbook for betting on NFL this season. On the other side, the bad thing about this bookie is that the depositing methods are quite limited and at print time credit card were not an option for funding your betting account. But of any of the available methods suite you just fine - this will be the main NFL betting site for you.

 Bodog Sports - a great gambling website in the business for over 15 years, an accomplishment no other sportsbook can brag about. There are plenty of ways one can deposit money into the betting account and since Bodog is a full-featured gambling website, the bettor can use the same account to also play the online casino, bet on horses and even play some poker online. The betting site offers a standard 10% bonus on every deposit you make, but weekly NFL bonuses are available to those who want to increase their bankroll to bet on the football games. This is a well-known NFL betting website and one can wager here with the utmost confidence.

 5Dimes (up to $520 for new NFL bettors) - although 5Dimes is not one of the mega names in the sports betting industry, those who have been wagering on the NFL games and other sports for a while already know about this little gem. The sportsbook is very easy to navigate and offers a full array of betting markets throughout the NFL season. The are virtually no complaints about this betting site and if you want a small but secure outfit where to bet on NFL this season, 5Dimes should be at the top of your list.

 Published on 08/25/2010

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