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Which online casino to play?

 For as long as the online casinos emerged into existence one question prevails the future players more than anything else, the decision what online casino to choose to play at. "Which online casino to play" is probably the most asked question when players are looking for an online gambling site. And who can blame them for asking at which online casino to play? Nowadays there are literally hundreds of online casinos available to choose from and the enormous selection doesn't make things easier at all.

 Of course the best method one can choose in selecting an online gambling website is to try them all and then decide which of them is the best suited - which has the most games, the best graphics the biggest promotions and bonuses, etc. Naturally, such path is near impossible to take by the casual gambler. Who in their right mind would want to play at hundreds of different online casinos, risk the chance of ending at a rogue casino that would steal player's information, resell it to spammers and who knows what else? No one, that's who! Only professional review companies like have the time and the recourses to personally visit, play and review the many gambling websites available today on the internet. We spend the time and money to check out every new online casino that comes along, compare it to our current list of best online casinos and if it passes muster - it's granted the privilege to be among the best of the best. We get paid for our efforts by advertisements and our visitors win by having the top internet gambling selection, be it online casinos, sportsbooks or poker rooms.

 Even with the vast amount of information contained on our website, however, it's still a bit tough to figure out which online casino to play. That's because it's hard to anticipate everyone's criteria for the "best online casino" - which features are most important to you: bonuses, number of casino games offered at the gambling sites, ease of deposits, etc. IN a perfect world, there would be casinos that offer all of those in one package, but unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world. For example, there are great online casinos that offer superb bonuses and a large number of casino games, but you won't be able to deposit using a MasterCard at the casino. For a player in possession of only a MasterCard, this could be a real deal-breaker.

 So which online casino to play? That's the big question and bellow we have listed a few of the internet casinos considered by our reviewers to be among the cream of the  online gambling industry. Starting with our overall top pick for the most entertaining spot on the internet, we have made the decision of which online casino to play quite easier for our readers. All online casinos listed below are great places to visit, honest and customer-oriented, with years in the internet gambling industry. You can choose any of them and you will be satisfied, although some features are better at one, compared to the others. Here are our top picks for which online casinos to play:

 Vegas Casino Online ($500 in free money as a bonus to new players) - One of the leaders in the online gambling scene, Vegas Casino Online is a place where everyone can be a winner, while enjoying the traditional Vegas-style of gambling and slot machines. There is something for everyone here, including games like Keno and scratch cards. First time customers also have the chance to take advantage of the sign-up bonus the casino offers - once can get 125% of their initial deposit as additional free money to play. Once the wagering requirements are met, you can take the bonus money along with your winnings home, too.

 Go Casino (up to $20,000 in bonus money) - an amazing bonus offer available only at this online casino website! Divided into 20 consecutive bonuses, this promotion gives new customers of the gambling company the chance to accumulate as much as $20,000 in free money, which they can withdraw once the play-through has been met. One of the most popular online casinos today, well known for the ease of depositing in the player's casino account, as well as fast withdrawals. Based on the Vegas Tech software, Go Casino presents a unique experience, especially for those players who have already gambled at other internet casinos.

 Bodog (10% bonus on every deposit) - unlike most online casinos, Bodog offers a smaller percentage bonus, but at the same time one can take advantage of this promotion every time he or she deposits money in their casino account. Overtime the free money players get from this gambling site accumulate to much greater numbers one can get from other casinos. Bodog is also the oldest online casino on the internet today, serving customers on every continent. Truly an amazing experience and a great company, although chances are that most people already have an account with the longest running internet gambling website in the world. If you are new to online gambling, however, don't miss on the opportunity to join the most popular online casino in the world.

 Needless to say, there are many more good online casinos to choose from. But if you are looking to an answer to the question of which online casino to play, the above three gambling establishments are the top choice for anyone - newbie or a pro alike. Visit our complete list of the best online casinos by following the links at the top of the page to learn more about what else is available out there, if by a small chance you already have player account with all three of those great casinos.

 Published on 04/05/2011

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