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NHL Odds: Live NHL Hockey Odds and Betting Lines

 Those of you who enjoy betting on NHL hockey understand the importance of getting the latest live NHL odds, considering hockey games are played on a daily basis. With the NHL season underway, there are hockey game splayed every day and it's getting harder and harder to get accurate and live betting odds on what's coming up today. But thanks to our good relation with the popular online sportsbook BodogLife, we are able to bring you the latest betting odds on the NHL hockey games, you can see them below. The NHL odds are also a great way to keep with the expectations for your favorite hockey team - whether you are fan of the Redwings, Ducks, Penguins or Thrashers, one look at the betting odds will put your team's condition in perspective.

 Here are the latest NHL Hockey odds and lines:


 About the NHL hockey odds on this page. Keep in mind that often the sportsbooks publish the NHL odds for three days in advance and due to the heavy hockey schedule, sometimes the betting odds on the NHL games are not posted until noon. If you don't see any numbers on the hockey games, it means the odds are not published yet or they have been pulled out for an update, often due to heavy betting action. What you see here is what you would see visiting the bookmaker, hence these are live NHL odds. For betting lines on other games, follow the links below.

 Here you will also find live hockey odds on the Stanley Cup playoffs. When the time comes for the playoff games, the live odds on this page will reflect the latest Stanley Cup playoffs odds and betting lines, as well as the odds on the Stanley Cup final. Simply add this page to your favorites and stay up to date on all hockey odds throughout the entire NHL season.

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