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Online casino bonus explained, how does it work

Online casino bonus explained, how does it work Over the past few years the bonus offers have become an indistinguishable part of the online casinos, but the mystery of the "free money bonus" remains. While every casino is likely to have its own bonus terms and conditions, there are general aspects found at all of them. Here are the basic points of how the online casino bonus works, what to look for and more. First, let's begin with the bonus itself.

 There are a few online casinos which would offer free money without any requirements, but those are usually the ones with the tightest games and the biggest house advantage, we recommend you avoid them at all costs. Most reputable online casinos will offer a bonus expressed as a percentage part of your deposit. For example, Vegas Casino Online is offering currently a $500 bonus, but this doesn't mean the casino will give you $500 when you sign up. What the offer denotes that the above mentioned online casino will match your first deposit money up to $500. Thus if you deposit just $50, your bonus will be $50, as well. Another more complex example is Bodog Casino, which offers 10% bonus on your deposit without an explicit currency limit, but there is a limit on how much you can deposit, depending on the method you choose, which limits the free money you will get at the casino. Other online casinos offer higher percentage match bonus, such as Lucky Nugget Casino and their 400% bonus. The bottom line - when you see a bonus offer shown in real money (i.e. $500) - this is the maximum bonus you can get from the casino, as a percentage of your first deposit (see ad banners on this page).

 When you decide on an online casino, keep in mind that every bonus offer has something called "playthrough requirements". These are requirements which must be met before your bonus money could turn into real money and you would be allowed to withdraw them as winnings. Let's match this with an example. Let's say you decide to play ay Vegas Casino Online and want to take the maximum bonus of $500 by depositing the same amount. When this is completed, you will have the total of $1,000 in your casino account ($500 your deposit + $500 match-up bonus). You, however, will not be able to withdraw the $1,000. As per the terms and conditions of the gambling website, in order to withdraw your bonus, winnings, and deposit amount you will need to wager 40 times your deposit plus bonus. This is probably the most important part when it comes to how the online casino bonus works. In order to withdraw your $1,000 you have to make wagers totaling $40,000 ($1,000x40). Keep in mind that you only need to wager that amount - not win or lose that much. If the online casinos did not have the playthrough requirements in place, everyone would be able to deposit money, get the bonus and immediately withdraw double the amount without even playing. Always check the bonus playthrough requirements, which are usually located on the casino's bonus page, right after the bonus offer.

 Which brings us to the last, but not least important, part of the online casino bonus - the casino games which qualify to count towards the wagering requirements. Certain games at the online casinos count much less towards the bonus wager requirements than others, mainly due to the difference in house advantage. Using the same casino as the example above, wagers in any form of Blackjack, 21, Pontoon or Video Poker will change your bonus cash out requirements from 40 times to 100 times your deposit plus 100 times the bonus. Wagers in Craps, Caribbean Hold'em and any form of Baccarat, Roulette or Sic Bo cannot be applied to these wager requirements.

 So when you visit an online casino and are interested in the bonus it offers, always take the time to read the conditions of the bonus. Many complaints of online casinos stem exactly from the fact that people misunderstood the bonus conditions or simply did not read them. When it was time to withdraw, the casino would usually hold the amount equal to the bonus, if the wagering requirements have not been met yet. If you are unsure - call the casino's customer service and ask them to further explain the conditions.

 Published on 07/21/2008

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