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Online casinos for U.S. players facing economic challenge

Online casinos for U.S. players facing economic challenge Whether the U.S. economy is in a recession or not is a problem left best to the experts, but all Americans are already feeling the decline of their standard of life. And just as Americans are cutting in on spending, the online casinos allowing U.S. players are also feeling the punch, when their main customer base decides to use the $100 bucks to fill up the tank rather than gamble online. Despite the fact that when times get financially tough, people find more incentive to gamble, numerous promoters of online casinos serving the U.S. audience are posting on industry forums, noting the slump decline in new players generated through their U.S.-facing operations. Naturally, there is a point when even gambling is not lucrative enough (let's face it, most people gamble to win and the trill of gambling is just gravy), especially when inflation is running amok. That American players at the online casinos have less dispensable income is clear, with some promoters reporting decline in new sign-up as high as 5-6 times the normal rate.

 So what is to be expected in the upcoming weeks (or months if the U.S. economy continues do go down the hill) in order for the online casinos still allowing U.S. players to stay profitable and increase their player base? First and foremost - increased bonus offers. Currently you can find sign-up bonuses as high as $500 or even $555 on your first deposit, but if the lack of new U.S. players remains, expect those bonus offers for first time players to ante up as high as $1,000, which has happened in the past. The Internet casinos will likely also add new games, decrease cash-out/withdrawal requirements and double the effort of finding new depositing methods - all things beneficial for the players and gamblers.

 Of course, there is the bad side of the story and we are giving you the heads-up now, so you don't regret it later. There will be a boom of what we call "online casinos gone bad", online casinos that usually make enough profit to play by the rules and still turn profit, but are just one inch away from cutting their players' throats. Those online casinos are usually small and less known in the online gambling industry, signing up new U.S. players in numbers just enough to keep them honest, but with the decrease of new American players, those casinos will be the first to go belly up, stop paying out winning, selling personal information and find any other imaginable way to make money on the fly. To avoid those online casinos make sure you do not jump on the first big bonus offer you see or click on a flashy banner advertising online casinos allowing U.S. players. If you decide to gamble online, always make sure that the online casino you have chosen has been recommended to you by a reputable website. Follow this simple rule and if you are financially able - enjoy the future benefits the online casinos will offer.

 Published on 04/20/2008

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