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Where to play online slots for fun

Playing slots online does not have to be about real money, you can just play for fun.

Where to play online slots for fun Among the many email we receive from our readers, every now and then people would ask where to play online slots for fun, not for real money. This question is easily answered, but a few things have to be taken into consideration. First, you can play online slots for fun at pretty much every online casino. The casinos have a "play for fun" option, once you have downloaded the software and that option allows you to play for fun, not just the slots, but other casino games (those with progressive jackpots excluded). For example, if you download the Bodog Casino (official website), you are not required to deposit any money - you can choose the free play to "test out" the various games the casino is offering to its patrons.

 But keep in mind that just because online casino "A" is allowing their potential customers to play online slots for fun, you should be quick to get the software. Keep in mind that the online casinos often require that you give your email address and name, in some cases before you play online slots for fun - you have to open an account with the gambling website (although still not required to deposit real money). That would be OK, if the online casino you have chosen is a reputable one. But if you simply took the first casino you came across in a hurry to have some fun playing slots, you may be in for a long time of email spamming and in some cases - snail mail spamming. For example, if that online casino is a small or dishonest establishment, they may decide to sell their database of emails and addresses to an advertising company or simply bombard you with spam every day. Therefore, we could easily recommend Bodog Casino if you want to play online slots for fun, as it's a well-known big brand. But I would be a little cautions with other casinos if you decide to play fun slots online elsewhere.

 Published on 11/30/2007

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