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Betting Sunday Football

So you’re excited that another football season is under way in the National Football League.

Betting Sunday Football You’ve been waiting the entire off season to make up for the bets that you lost last season, because now you have the strategy that is sure to put you in the black come January. You’ve committed to scouting the teams during the preseason and you’ve even figured out the lines from the previous season, and every Sunday this year you’re going to put down as many bets as you can on great teams. After all, this is the one day of the week where you have this many choices and the chance to make this much money, right?

 This is pretty typical thinking when it comes to the average person who bets on football. The problem is that when you think like this, you’re thinking as a fan of the game rather than as someone who is trying to make some money predicting wins and spreads. People who bet this way are really just adrenaline junkies hoping for lightning to strike and flush them up a killing money season. The fact is, it rarely comes to pass. Those who use the all or nothing bust out on Sunday football are more likely to break even at best than to come out on top each week, and that means that season after season the net losses will be greater than the wins.

 This might seem counter intuitive. After all, the majority of people bet this way, right? And week after week they seem to be celebrating their wins, right?

 That’s true, but the key is to boil down the numbers to manageable figures. Sure a lot of people might win this way, but when it comes down to the individual bettor, this strategy just doesn’t work. If you want to prove it to yourself, follow one or two bettors who bet all they can on a Sunday through the entire season. There will be some great streaks, but there will also be some bad losses. The strategy won’t yield a lot of money at the end of the season.

 The best way to have a winning season at sports betting is to approach every game, every Sunday with a cool and calculating mind. Leave your love of the game at the door, and remember that you are trying to make money. It’s not as fun, but work never is, even this kind of work. Instead of betting the field, make a few good choices on a couple of games each Sunday. You won’t stand to win as much as you would betting the field, but you won’t lose as much either. Moreover, good choices will probably mean that you come out further ahead each week than you would have if you tried to call every game.

 Sometimes you will lose money using this strategy and it will be very tempting to pick up a couple more games in another time zone to make up for your loss. Every once in a while it’s all right to give into this urge, just keep within your per game budget when you do it. In other words, don’t try to make up all of your losses on the day with one big bet over the amount you usually allocate. That’s a great way to end up in the red, and the next week you’ll still probably be trying to get back to zero.


Published on 07/12/2007

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