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Online gambling survey results released

The independent online gambling authority, eCogra, has released the results of their survey of online gamblers from almost 100 different countries.

The basic of the survey - Overall 85 questions have been asked to internet gamblers, covering aspects of the gambling behavior, customer satisfaction, responsible gambling as well as some demographic and geographic questions pertaining to the surveyed. The survey covers only Internet casino and poker players, and excludes sports betting.

A total of 10,865 people were surveyed, of which, 58% male and 42% female and the majority of them were between the ages of 18 and 65.

Majority of the people played online at home - 89.7%, and 71.9% gambled in the evening. Women were more likely to play at work than men, 9.1% compared to 7.6% of men.

Almost 40% of the people visited online gambling forums or message boards. The top reasons for visiting forums were: to get information on bonuses and promotions (64.6%) and to find out which gambling websites were good and which bad - 53.4%. And 39.3% of the people who visited message boards did so frequently - over three times a day.

The survey also found that young people were more likely to play online poker, and the online casino players tend to be older.

According to the survey, the typical online casino player was most likely to be female (54.8%), aged between 46-55 years old (29.5%), play 2-3 times a week (37.0%) and wager around $50 per session (18.1%). The survey found out that while women tend to spend more time playing at the Internet casinos, they spend less than men, which play for shorter periods of time, but for more money. The top 3 things people want in an online casino are: good bonuses - 76.2%, variety of games - 62.0% and depositing methods - 56.8%.

And the average online poker player is more likely to be male (73.8%), between 26 and 35 years old (26.9%), plays 2 to 3 times a week (26.8%), play both regular tables and tournaments (34%) and feels that there is more skill involved than luck (31.9%).

For more detailed survey information, visit eCogra's website.



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