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Casino Payment Methods

 So you have downloaded the casino software and created an account, now what? To start playing for real money you have to deposit money in your casino account. Here are the most common payment methods:

  - Credit cards - very good
 Nowadays it is almost impossible to deposit money in your casino account using your credit card, due to the restrictions of the credit card companies themselves. However, there are still casinos out there which accept credit card deposits directly, or through a third party processor.

  - Neteller - avoid!, but does not allow USA gambling transactions.
 Neteller is the preferred choice of deposit, and most online casinos will give you an additional bonus for depositing using the Neteller services. You will need to open an account with Neteller, and to do that, you will need to have a bank account. After opening a Neteller account, you can deposit funds from your bank account to your Neteller account, and from there you can deposit at the casino. The withdrawal works the reverse way. To open a Neteller account follow the directions the casino gives you.

   - Insta Cash - avoid, but does not work for US customers.
 InstaCash is a service provided by Neteller. You can deposit fund straight from your bank account you have registered with Neteller to the casino account, bypassing the fees of Neteller for depositing money. Note, you will have a limit on how much you can deposit through InstaCash imposed by Neteller, which you can raise by simply using this service more often.

  - E-passporte - good
 Epassporte is a way of using your credit card to deposit money at your casino account. It is a "Virtual Visa" card and you can fund it with your own credit card. To sign up for Epassporte visit a casino and follow the instructions.

   - Citadel - non operational
 Citadel is a kind of a virtual check. You can deposit money through Citadel by using your checking account, and you can get extra bonuses as well. To get Citadel .

  - Firepay - very good, does not allow US players
 FirePay is an alternative to Neteller. Again, you deposit money from your bank account to your FirePay account, and from there you can deposit money at your online casino account. To learn more about the FirePay services, visit their website.

  - Click2Pay - good
 With Click2Pay you have the chance to open an account and then fund it either through an ACH from your bank account or through your credit card.

  - Insta debit - very good
 After opening an account with InstaDebit, you can fund it from your bank account and the deposit in your casino account.

  - E wallet express - poor
 With EwalletXpress you can deposit funds from your bank account, although the processing time is relatively slow compared to other methods.

   - On Demand Funds - poor
 It lets you fund your OnDemand Funds account from your bank account or credit card.

  - Moneybookers - very good, does not allow customers from the United States.
 Mooneybookers allows you to fund their account using a wire transfer and credit card, processing is slow, however, and it's best for European players. Visit Moneybookers to find out more about their services and fees.

  - Eco Card - very good
 You can fund your ECO Card account using a bank transfer or Western Union. Recently they have extended and expanded their services to match those of Neteller, and now you can fund your Eco Card by credit card, and do a peer-to-peer transactions as well.

  - Central Coin - good
 Deposit money to the CentralCoin account using your bank account (US only).

  -Playsafe Card - good
 Paysafe is a prepaid card, and it's for E.U. residents only.

  - Wire Transfer - very good
 Wire money directly to the online casino's account. The specific online casino will provide you with their bank details.

  - Bank Draft - very good
 Also depositing directly from your bank account to the online casino's account. Takes up to 3 weeks to receive.

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