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2010 Winter Olympics Betting: Odds posted on medals, Olympic games

2010 Winter Olympics Betting: Odds posted on medals, Olympic games The 2010 Winter Olympics will start tomorrow, Friday 12th, and just as any other major sporting event, betting odds are already posted on some of the Olympic games, along with which country will dominate the 2010 Winter Olympics. Granted the past Winter Olympic games were routinely overlooked by the online odds makers, this year the bookmakers are already posting betting odds on the winners of various disciplines, as well as the most popular bet - which country will win the most medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics. We will look at the 2010 Winter Olympics betting odds posted by two of the most popular online sportsbooks: Bookmaker and Bodog Sports.

 Unlike your local news, we will not keep you in anticipation for the most popular wager on the 2010 Winter Olympics - the medals. Starting with the betting props posted at Bookmaker, one can wager on which country will win the most Gold medals in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Who do you think is the favorite? If you guessed the United States, you couldn't be further from the truth. At the bookie the favorite country to amass the most gold medals during this year's Olympic games is Germany, listed with odds of just +185 (meaning that bettors will get $185 for every $100 bet on the Germans). Canada comes as second favorite to win the most gold in Vancouver with +225 odds and United States comes third in the 2010 Winter Olympics odds list for most gold medals with long odds +300, followed by Norway with +600 and Russia which will pay on +700 odds. The rest of the countries will pay on 4-digit odds or longer, with Great Britain being the ultimate underdog of the Winter Olympic games with +50000 odds to get the most gold medals, i.e. people who bet $100 on Great Britain and win will get $50,000 in profit.

 When we compare those odds to the ones published by the other online sportsbook, Bodog Sports, there is no difference in the favorites, although the betting odds are a bit different. At Bodog the favorite Germany will pay only on EVEN odds if they win the most gold medals, Canada is holding 5/2 odds for gold medals in the 2010 Winter Olympics and United States is holding odds of 7/2 on topping that ranking. Here is the full list of the 2010 Winter Olympics betting odds on the country with the most gold medals at Bodog Sports:

Austria - 20/1
Canada - 5/2
China - 75/1
Finland - 200/1
France - 75/1
Germany - 1/1
Holland - 500/1
Italy - 200/1
Norway - 6/1
Russia - 15/2
Sweden - 35/1
Switzerland - 50/1
USA - 7/2

 Of course, Winter Olympic games betting doesn't just stop at the gold medals. Bodog Sports is also offering props on the country that will win the most medals overall in the 2010 Winter Olympics. The favorites are pretty much the same, just the payout on the bets are different. Germany is sitting on 10/11 odds for most medals overall, Canada's odds are 5/2 and U.S.A. is paying yet again on 7/2. Bodog is also offering odds to win the 2010 Olympic Ice Hockey Championship. Here Germany is one of the underdogs with the extra-long odds 450/1, but U.S. is still not the favorite. Canada is the top dog, paying EVEN money (1/1 odds) on winning the hockey trophy, contended by Russia with 21/10 odds, Sweden with 6/1 and United States holding odd to win the hockey championship in the 2010 Winter Olympics at distant 13/2.

 At both sportsbooks people can also bet on the following disciplines in the 2010 Winter Olympics - Alpine, Biathlon, Cross Country, Sky Jumping and Speed Skating. The list of betting odds on these 2010 Winter Olympic games are too long for us to list them on this page - feel free to visit the sportsbooks' websites and check them out.

 Published on 02/11/2010

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