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Super Bowl Point Spread: 2010 Super Bowl odds Saints - Colts

 One day left until the start of the Super Bowl 2010 game between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts, perfect time to take a look at the latest point spread and betting odds on the Sunday's game. There is a slight change in the odds and point spread compared to a few days ago, but the overall odds on the teams remain the same. As usual we are checking in with the popular sportsbook Bookmaker (opens in new window), where we find the Indianapolis Colts still the favorite to win the Super Bowl 44, here is the skinny on the latest odds and point spread:

 At Bookmaker the odds to win the Super Bowl 2010 on the Colts are currently at -210 and the Saints will come out in Miami as the underdog of the Super Bowl game this Sunday, sitting on +180 odds to win. For those of you who place their bets for the first time (or do so only on the Super Bowl game), the -210 odds on the Colts means that bettors must wager $210 to win just $100, while the underdog odds +180 on the Saints to win their first Super Bowl mean that for every $100 a player bets on the Saints they will win $180 if the upset is delivered tomorrow. Today the Super Bowl point spread is at -5.5 points chalk the Colts and whether Indianapolis covers the spread or fails, the payout will be on -110 line.

 And according to the latest betting trends at Bookmaker - the majority of their customers are taking the Saints to win the Super Bowl 44, but contrary on the normal betting patterns, this time the bettors are wagering mostly on the Saints line, rather than the point spread This is clearly indicated by the movement of the lines and lack of such at the point spread. Just a few days ago the Colts were -230 favorite to win the Super Bowl 2010 and the Saints were underdog with odds +190, while the 2010 Super Bowl point spread was at -5.5 points in favor of Indianapolis. As we can see today the Saints vs. Colts point spread remains the same, but the Super Bowl odds have changed to reflect the increased betting on the New Orleans Saints. Of course, there is still a day left until the start of the 44th Super Bowl game, which is usually the busiest time for the sportsbooks, so the lines and spread still have plenty of time to shift in either direction.

 For the sake of being thorough and give our readers more Super Bowl betting options, we also visited Bodog Sports, one of the few honest and quality online sportsbooks, where we found the same betting pattern exhibited. The current Super Bowl point spread at Bodog is at -6 points chalk Indianapolis Colts, where it was a few days ago. But the Super Bowl 2010 odds have changed here as well - the Colts are now just -190 favorite to win the big game on Sunday, compared to -210 a few days ago and the betting line on the Saints is +165, also a shift from the previous +175 on New Orleans. Clearly the Super Bowl odds have entered the phase where there will be plenty of movement on the ups or downs before the game starts and as the previous changes show - if you like what you see now is the best time to jump in and lock the odds before they change. As far as the point spread on the Super Bowl game - there is still a small change that the spread could move by a half point or even a point ( the line on the Colts spread at Bodog pays EVEN, an indication that the odds makers may apply a small change), but overall, we don't expect a big shift in this part of the Super Bowl betting.

 So here you have them, the latest Super Bowl odds and point spread numbers by two of the most trusted online sportsbooks in the world. We will continue to monitor the betting numbers and bring you any changes that may occur from now until the Super Bowl kick-off time. Meanwhile you can place your Super Bowl bets at Bookmaker or Bodog Sports (or both) and good luck.

 Published on 02/06/2010

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