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Germany vs. Spain Odds: Latest World Cup semi-final odds

Germany vs. Spain Odds: Latest World Cup semi-final odds Just a few hours away from the start of the second semi-final match of the 2010 World Cup Germany vs. Spain and we are posting the latest updated odds from the major sportsbooks. Now that we know the Netherlands will have a shot at the World Cup glory for the third time in history, it's time to take a look at their possible opponent, the winner of the Germany vs. Spain game.

 When we compared the World Cup odds a couple of days ago, before the Netherlands had secured a spot in the final, Spain was the top favorite to win the famous soccer competition. But much has changed since with the betting patters shifting in favor of the Netherlands in a big way and today, just hours before the semi-final Germany vs. Spain, the odds are now favoring the Dutch players to lift the gold trophy in South Africa. At the popular online sportsbook Bookmaker (link opens in new window) Netherlands is now the team holding the best odds to win the 2010 World Cup at +125, while Spain has been listed with +185 and Germany is now the underdog of the tourney with +200 odds, following Uruguay's exit.

 As far as the Germany vs. Spain odds, Bookmaker is still holding on to the top odds on Spain to win the semi-final game today, although the numbers are far from the certain odds the Spaniards held just a day ago, Right now Spain is favorite to win the World Cup semi final game with odds +155, but the Germans are on their tail with short odds +160 to be victorious and draw in regular time will pay out on +240 money line. The odds on the Germany vs. Spain game started out with a big advantage for the Spaniards, but heavy betting action on Germany to win the game have brought down the betting odds to almost "pick". It's highly unlikely however that this will happen - according to the folks at Bookmaker, the most bets that are still coming in today have Spain to win the game. Unless some last-minute betting spur occurs in favor of Germany, Spain will remain the odds-favorite team to win the semi-final game today and be the second team to participate in the final game against the Netherlands.

 Stay with us for the remaining of the competition as we review the odds on the 2010 World Cup final in the upcoming days. And keep in mind that you can bet live on the Germany vs. Spain game at Bookmaker.

 Published on 07/07/2010

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