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2009 NBA Finals: Odds favor Lakers over Orlando

 It's the beginning of June and for the millions of basketball fans this means one thing - the NBA Finals are here. Now that we know the L.A. Lakers will meet the Orlando Magic in the 2009 NBA Finals, it's time to look at the odds on each team to win the first game and the NBA Championship, as well. For better overview of the NBA Championship, we will compare the 2009 NBA Finals odds at two of the internet's most popular online sportsbooks. Read on for the latest betting odds on the NBA Finals between Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers.

 We will first stop at the leader among the odds makers on the Internet - Bookmaker (20% bonus for NBA Finals bettors) where, just as expected, the Lakers are the big favorite to win the 2009 NBA Championship, as well as Game 1. At Bookmaker the Lakers hold -290 odds to win the NBA Finals this year, while the Orlando Magic are underdog with odds +240 to become the 2009 NBA Champions. For those new to the betting odds, -290 on the L.A. Lakers means one must bet $290 to win just $100, while the +240 on Orlando means the bettor will win $240 for every $100 bet on the Magic to win the 2009 NBA Finals. You can learn more about how odds work here, but even if you known nothing about betting, it's clear that the odds makers are siding big time with the L.A. Lakers during this year's NBA Finals.

 Bookmaker also has the odds on Game 1 of the NBA Finals posted already. There the Lakers are coincidently also -290 odds-on favorite and Orlando is +240 underdog. The point spread on the first game of the 2009 NBA Finals at the bookie is set at -6 points chalk the Lakers and the total expected is posted at 206 points.

 To compare the 2009 NBA Finals odds, we visited another popular offshore sportsbook, Bodog Sports (10% bonus on every deposit for NBA bettors), where the L.A. Lakers are naturally also the favorite to win the 2009 NBA Championship, although the odds are a slightly different. At Bodog the Lakers hold -270 odds to win the 2009 NBA Finals, which makes this sportsbook the better place to bet on the L.A. Lakers to win the Championship, since you only have to risk $270 to win $100. Meanwhile the Bodog sportsbook has posted +230 odds on Orlando Magic to win the NBA Finals, making Bookmaker clearly the better choice for underdog bettors right now. Of course, we will continue to monitor the 2009 NBA Finals odds and will bring you any update of the lines and odds.

 Published on 06/02/2009

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