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NFL betting sites, best websites for NFL bets

 With the NFL regular season just a few weeks away, now is the best time to check out the best NFL betting sites. This year there will be a sleuth of new bettors, along with pros who were not satisfied with the sportsbooks they used to bet on NFL last season, so a guide to the best NFL betting websites is in order here. It's very important to lock in on a good betting site before the start of the NFL season. This way you will have a reliable sportsbook or two which you can enjoy throughout the football season and place all your bets without worry. Many NFL bettors actually don't even withdraw their winnings until the end of the season. Therefore you don't want to end up with a shady sportsbook, expecting a sizable payout at the end of the NFL season only to find out that you landed on a rogue betting site and your winnings are gone.

 Here we will take a look at a few of the best NFL betting sites, gambling companies which have been around for at least a decade and where you can place your NFL bets with confidence this season or any other. Major criteria for recommending these NFL betting sites include the age of the sportsbooks (as mentioned, all of them have been online for at least 10 years), honesty and integrity, which we verify through our own play as well as monitoring the main forums for any complaints and of course, fast and secure payments, both when depositing money and when you take your winnings home. All the NFL betting sites here pass these tests with flying colors and you can easily see that those are reliable sportsbooks by visiting the blogs and forums covering the subject. We have somewhat ranked these top three betting websites, but at the end which one you will choose depends on your personal preference. After we have listed the good and the bad, you can make your own mind, but one thing is for sure - whichever NFL betting site you pick, you won't be wrong and your bets will be 100% secure.

 We like to start with Bookmaker (click to visit official website), since we often use the NFL odds and point spread posted by this NFL betting site in our own football game previews, which we publish weekly. This sportsbook is offering 20% bonus for first time bettors, but other promotions are made available on a weekly basis, as well. The reason we choose Bookmaker for our NFL previews is the fact that this NFL betting website offers the best odds on the games. In addition, the bookie is the first one to publish the odds on the upcoming NFL games, which places the early bettor in a very favorable position to take advantage of the betting odds before they start moving when the rest of the customers begin placing their bets. This sportsbook is very solid when it comes to taking care of the customer and there are no missing payments and similar shenanigans. If we had to recommend just one betting site for the NFL season, this would be the one. But some folks may find their website a bit too robust, although this makes it easier for people new to betting to navigate. This betting website also lacks on some of the foreign events and entertainment odds, but if you are looking for strictly an NFL betting website, this is the spot.

 The next addition to our list of the best NFL betting sites is Bodog Sports (click to visit official website). We love the Bodog brand overall and the sportsbook is also amazing. Here you can bet on absolutely anything - NFL, soccer leagues from Europe, MMA fights and even poker tournaments. But just as any other sportsbook, the most traffic comes from the NFL bettors and this bookie caters, although fails short at the following - posting the odds early. Unlike Bookmaker, where you can see the odds on the NFL games as early as late Monday, at Bodog Sports it's impossible to find the money lines on the football games before Thursday. Point spread is available sometimes on Wednesday, but the complete odds package would not be available at least until Thursday. This, of course, should be no issue for bettors who wager towards the weekend, once the practices are over and any injuries are known, but if you want to catch the very early odds, this is not the place. But other than that, this sports betting site has an impeccable reputation and you will be A-OK here.

 And finally, for bettors looking to join a top NFL betting site, the BetED (click to visit official website) is one of the most recommended. One of the best features of this sportsbook include the very high acceptance rate of credit card deposits, which if you've gambled online before you would now is very important. The bookie also has an array of other payment methods and withdrawals are smooth and on time. This is a NFL betting site tailored specifically for the United States audience, which is showcased by the extensive betting options on football, both pro and college, yet a lack of any international sports. If you are looking for only NFL betting sites and could care less about betting outside of the season, this is a very good place. It also offers unique content for customers, such as in-depth articles and quite a few "illustrations" of famous models to keep the male bettor entertained during the off-days.

 Here you have them - the best NFL betting sites currently in the online gambling industry. If you've browsed the internet for online sportsbooks, you already know there are literally thousands of them, but making the right choice at the start of the NFL season is detrimental not only to your success but to the final score - when the time for withdrawing your winnings come. Select any of the online sportsbooks above and you'll have a piece of mind this NFL season.

 Published on 08/07/2009

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