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2009 NFL Draft Order: First round Draft order

 It's that time of the year again - time for the NFL Draft and below you can see the 2009 Draft order for the first round. If you are new to the NFL Draft and want to know how the draft order works, read on, otherwise simply scroll down to the 2009 NFL Draft Order list.

 In determining the draft order in professional football, several factors are being taken into account. The first pick in the draft belongs to the NFL team with the lowest winning percentage at the end of the previous season, for the 2009 NFL Draft the top pick will go to Detroit Lions, who lost all of their games last season. The rest of the teams are ranked in order from lowest winning percentage last season to the one with the highest, but with one exception - the Super Bowl Champion always drafts last with the team which lost the Super Bowl drafting right before it, regardless of winning percentage. And if there is a tie between two or more teams, strength of schedule last season, divisional and conference records, as well as playoffs are all taken into account in order to break the tie. If none of those can be used as a tiebreaker, i.e. the NFL teams still tie, coin toss is used as the last resort to determine who will pick first in the NFL Draft. Keep in mind however, that teams often trade draft picks between each other or use them as a bargaining coin in many situations.

 Now that you have an idea how the NFL Draft works, here is the 2009 NFL Draft Order, Round One:

1 Detroit Lions
2 St. Louis Rams
3 Kansas City Chiefs
4 Seattle Seahawks
5 Cleveland Browns
6 Cincinnati Bengals
7 Oakland Raiders
8 Jacksonville Jaguars
9 Green Bay Packers
10 San Francisco 49ers
11 Buffalo Bills
12 Denver Broncos
13 Washington Redskins
14 New Orleans Saints
15 Houston Texans
16 San Diego Chargers
17 New York Jets
18 Denver Broncos
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
20 Detroit Lions
21 Philadelphia Eagles
22 Minnesota Vikings
23 New England Patriots
24 Atlanta Falcons
25 Miami Dolphins
26 Baltimore Ravens
27 Indianapolis Colts
28 Buffalo Bills
29 New York Giants
30 Tennessee Titans
31 Arizona Cardinals
32 Pittsburgh Steelers

 And speaking of the 2009 NFL Draft order, now it's the time to check out the new trend picked up by the football fans in the past few years - the draft betting. A lot of online sportsbooks now offer odds on the many aspects of the NFL Draft - from which college player will be the first pick to how many quarterbacks will be drafted this year. For the 2009 NFL Draft the online sportsbook Bodog Sports is offering the largest list of draft odds. Some of those 2009 NFL Draft odds you can see by following the links at the bottom of this NFL Draft order list, but the bookmaker has posted so many betting props and lines, it's impossible for us to list them all, so you will have to go and check them out on their website.

 Published on 04/24/2009

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