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2009 NFL Draft: Odds posted on the NFL Draft picks

 It smells like football today, the 2009 NFL Draft is here and this weekend fans will find out which college players will join their favorite pro team. But a new trend related to the NFL Draft and those enjoying the mock draft - betting on the Draft. Participating in sporting events by placing a wager has long been the real American favorite pastime, despite what the various leagues would want you to believe. Naturally the online sportsbooks have got you covered - our preferred sports betting company, Bodog Sports, has already posted the odds on the players to be drafted by the NFL teams this weekend, some of which you will find below. The NFL teams will select college players in seven rounds, spread out over two days. Keep in mind that draft position is determined by reverse order of finish. You can watch it on TV if available in your area, or you can jump to the NFL's official NFL Draft website and keep tabs on the picks there. Also, check out the NFL Draft order for the first round here.

 So let's take a look at the 2009 NFL Draft odds posted by the betting site Bodog Sports and see which player has the best chance to be one of the top picks. The Detroit Lions (0-16), who made history last year with their winless streak will be the first team to pick in the NFL Draft this weekend, an although no clear top pick has emerged yet, most of the mock draft commentators are going with Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford. 

 Following the Detroit Lions come the St. Louis Rams to go for the second pick in the NFL Draft. According to the 2009 NFL Draft odds posted at Bodog, Baylor's offensive lineman Jason Smith will be the pick with odds 2/5, pretty strong opinion by the odds makers for the Rams draft pick. The Kansas City Chiefs will pick third in the first round of the Draft with Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry being listed as the top prospect with 20/31 odds to be the Chiefs first pick this year. These are the 2009 NFL Draft odds on the top three picks, but you can visit Bodog Sports to see the odds on all first-round picks, as well as various others Draft props. For example, people can wager this year on how many linebackers will be drafted this year, who will be the last pick in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft and much more.

 Published on 04/24/2009

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