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NFL Odds: Sunday NFL odds and point spreads (Week 1)

 It's Sunday which today means only one thing - the Week 1 NFL games are set to begin and here we will take a look at the betting odds and point spread on the Week 1 Sunday NFL games. If you are looking for the in-depth betting analysis of the football games today, you can visit our home page and select the NFL game of your choice. But if you are just looking for a quick reference to the spreads and odds on the Sunday football games from Week 1, this is the place. We will pit two of the most popular online sportsbooks against each other and see the NFL odds and point spread offered by each of them.

 Starting with the NFL odds and point spreads posted by the online sportsbook Bookmaker (new window), we find little to no changes since we reviewed the individual games. We should mention that surprisingly the Minnesota @ Cleveland game is the most bet on sporting event at the bookie, with the majority of the bettors taking the Vikings to win and cover the spread. Here are the betting odds on the NFL games from Week 1 along with the point spreads and the totals, which take the form of Team - point spread (payout line) - total (line) - money line odds:

MIAMI +4-110 o43½-110 +180
ATLANTA -4-110 u43½-110 -210

KANSAS CITY +12½-110 o36½-110 +580
BALTIMORE -12½-110 u36½-110 -780

PHILADELPHIA -2½-110 o43½-110 -140
CAROLINA +2½-110 u43½-110 +120

DENVER +5-110 o42½-110 +195
CINCINNATI -5-110 u42½-110 -235

MINNESOTA -3½-110 o40-110 -200
CLEVELAND +3½-110 u40-110 +170

NY JETS +4-110 o44½-110 +185
HOUSTON -4-110 u44½-110 -215

JACKSONVILLE +6½-110 o45-110 +245
INDIANAPOLIS -6½-110 u45-110 -295

DETROIT +13½-110 o49½-110 +700
NEW ORLEANS -13½-110 u49½-110 -1000

DALLAS -4½-110 o39-110 -240
TAMPA BAY +4½-110 u39-110 +200

SAN FRANCISCO +6-110 o46-110 +215
ARIZONA -6-110 u46-110 -255

WASHINGTON +6½-110 o37-110 +240
NY GIANTS -6½-110 u37-110 -290

ST. LOUIS +7½-110 o40½-110 +315
SEATTLE -7½-110 u40½-110 -375

CHICAGO +4½-110 o46-110 +190
GREEN BAY -4½-110 u46-110 -230

 And to check out the latest NFL odds and point spread published by the online sportsbook Bodog Sports, simply click on the link above. The betting numbers are fetched in real time, so you will always be able to get the very latest NFL Week 1 point spreads and betting odds on that page. Also important to note is that the odds and spreads on the Week 1 NFL games this Sunday listed above are likely to change slightly shortly before the games begin, due to the increased betting, and it's a good idea to lock in those odds as early as possible to get the best deal.

 Published on 09/13/2009

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