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Ricky Hatton vs. Paul Malignaggi fight odds

Ricky Hatton vs. Paul Malignaggi fight odds Boxing fans rejoice, the Ricky Hatton vs. Paul Malignaggi fight is couple of days away and we are here with the opening betting odds on this major Light Welterweight bout in Las Vegas on Saturday night. And while speculation are afloat that this will be the last fight for Ricky Hatton, such an outcome looks grim, considering the recent trainer change. The 30-year-old British boxer made a sharp turn in his career by severing his ties with long-time trainer Billy Graham to hire another legend - Floyd Mayweather Sr., father of Floyd Mayweather Jr., who in turn delivered first blow onto Hatton's spotless record at the same venue where on Saturday the Brit will face Paul Malignaggi to defend his Ring Magazine light-welterweight championship belt.

 And drama outside of the ring equals great revenues for the sportsbooks all over the world. And as we always do with the major fights, we will look at the betting odds offered by three different online bookmakers. Let's begin with the Hatton vs. Malignaggi fight odds at the international online sportsbook Bookmaker (allowing bets with no country restrictions), where we found Ricky Hatton big favorite to deliver on Saturday, sitting on odds -245, while opponent Malignaggi is underdog with odds to win the fight at +195. The offshore bookmaker also believes we will see a great full fight, posting -370 odds on the Ricky Hatton vs. Paul Malignaggi fight to go all the way to 12 rounds. And if you like betting the underdog in this bout, the offshore sportsbook Bodog, which does not allow Canadian bettors, has listed Paul Malignaggi with odds to win the fight at +200, while Ricky Hatton is even bigger favorite - all the way to -260.

 Of course it would not be fair if we did not look at the UK-facing bookmakers to see how they perceive Hatton's chances to come out victorious out of the MGM Grand fight. For this we turn to Sportingbet (no North American players accepted), the only bookmaker to offer odds on Hatton vs. Malignaggi fight draw, the payout for which is at enormous 28/1 (+2800). Ricky Hatton is big favorite in the UK, as well, where his odds are 2/5 (-250) with Sportingbet and Paul Malignaggi is 2/1 (+200) underdog to win the fight. The Ricky Hatton vs. Paul Malignaggi fight is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 22nd, at 11:00 pm EST, stay with us as we bring you the latest movement in the odds, along with breaking news.

 Published on 11/20/2008

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