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Hatton - Mayweather fight: Ricky Hatton odds still underdog

The odds on Ricky Hatton continue to make him underdog despite heavy betting in the U.K.

Hatton - Mayweather fight: Ricky Hatton odds still underdog Although the betting odds on the British fighter Ricky Hatton were changed, following a flood of bets from the U.K., Hatton remains underdog to win the fight with Floyd Mayweather. But depending on the bookmaker you chose, the odds on Hatton and Mayweather are moving in different directions. At the North American online sportsbook Bodog Sports, the odds on Ricky Hatton to win the Sunday fight were downgraded from +185 to +190 and Mayweather went from -225 to -240 at the bookie.

 Meanwhile at the U.K. online bookmaker Bet365 the odds have moved in the opposite direction. Bet365 cut the odds on Ricky Hatton from 13/8 down to 6/4, following a heavy betting action by the British punters. According to some reports, over 90% of the bets at the U.K. bookmakers are favoring Hatton to win so far, but Floyd Mayweather remains the favorite by betting odds, despite getting cut a little. At Bet365 Floyd Mayweather is listed with odds 4/7, up from 8/15 two days ago. The bookies are expecting to cut the odds some more before the Hatton - Mayweather fight on Sunday in Las Vegas, but Hatton as favorite remains unlikely, unless rumors, such as injury, prompts a change.

 Published on 12/05/2007

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