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Super Bowl 2010 Odds: Saints vs. Colts point spread

 Just about a week left until the start of the most anticipated sporting even this year, the 2010 Super Bow and the early betting odds and point spread on the New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts are already in. And even though the Colts have always been one of the major contenders for football glory every year and the majority of the bettors shun away from betting the Saints last year to reach the Super Bowl XLIV, the Super Bowl odds and spread we have seen make it for quite an interesting game. Naturally here we will answer your questions such as what's the spread on the Super Bowl and what are the 2010 Super Bowl odds.

 First and foremost, there would be no messing around this year a-la Pats - Giants game - the betting odds on the Super Bowl 2010 are tight and bettors will have to work this time around to make the easy money the point spread provided for the 42nd Super Bowl game. In the 44th edition of it the spread, along with the lines, are as tight as it gets for such a prized competition. But without digressing further, here are the early Super Bowl 2010 odds and point spread, as posted by our top-choice sports betting website, Bookmaker (by the way, players can get up to $500 in free money at the bookie for the Super Bowl game).

 The online sportsbook has the Indianapolis Colts currently as the favorite to win the Super Bowl 44 with odds -230 and the New Orleans Saints are underdog with odds +190. For those who are new to NFL betting, the -230 odds on the Colts mean that a bettor must wager $230 to win $100, while the odds on the Saint show that a player will get $190 for every $100 wagered if New Orleans wins the Super Bowl this year. In addition, the 2010 Super Bowl point spread is posted at -5.5 points chalk the Colts with the total expected by the odds makers set at 56.5 points. To give the Big Game bettors more options, we also checked another respected internet sportsbook - Bodog Sports (also offering big Super Bowl bonuses), where the numbers are slightly different and depending on your favorite team could be the better choice. At Bodog the point spread on the Super Bowl 2010 is currently at -6 points chalk the Colts, who are also -210 favorite to win the Super Bowl, while the New Orleans Saints are underdog with just +175 odds to win.

 Here is probably the right place to note that these betting odds are likely to change as the Super Bowl XLIV nears and more people being to place their bets on the Super Bowl game. And which way the Super Bowl 2010 odds will move depends on which team will get the majority of the bets - if more people bet on the New Orleans Saints to cover the spread or win the SuperBowl, the spread/odds on the Saints will be shortened and vice versa. One thing is likely to happen, however, in a few days time both the odds and the point spread on the Saints - Colts game will pay out way less than the do right now. Therefore it's beneficial to begin the wagering a bit early on, although on the other side important news (such as injuries) will not be readily available until the Super Bowl is a few days away. Of course we will continue monitoring the Super Bowl 2010 odds and point spread and bring you any changes that occur in those numbers from here until the kick-off time, as well as post a detailed review of the betting trends and the team's condition in the week leading to the 2010 Super Bowl game between the New Orleans Saint and the Indianapolis Colts in Miami.

 Published on 01/30/2010

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