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Super Bowl Odds: Early line and spread on the 2014 Super Bowl

Super Bowl Odds: Early line and spread on the 2014 Super Bowl Just over a week left until the 2014 Super Bowl game, it's time to look at the early odds, line and point spread on the Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos Super Bowl game. While there is a good chance those odds and spread may change as the Super Bowl nears and more bettors put in their bets, the opening line is a good guidance for the future odds and point spread. As always, we have selected two of the best online sportsbooks to use as comparison, as well as some of the Las Vegas sportsbooks, for those planning a special trip to Sin City this year.

 Let's start with the Super Bowl odds as posted at the online sportsbooks Bookmaker and Bovada Sports. As expected, the number do differ a bit between the odds makers, although the favorites to win the 2014 Super Bowl at both books are the Denver Broncos. And beginning with Bookmaker we find that the line on the Broncos is at -130 to win, while the odds on the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl are at small underdog +110. This is a slight deviation from the earlier posted odds, there the Seahawks held +115 line and the Broncos respectively -135 to win the Super Bowl. As you can see, small changes like that are bound to occur throughout the week preceding the 2014 Super Bowl game. At Bookmaker the Super Bowl point spread is -2 points chalk the Broncos and the over/under is at 47 points. Switching to Bovada Sports, we find the Denver Broncos line at -135 and the odds on the Seattle Seahawks to win the Super Bowl at underdog +115. This also shows that at the moment more people are betting on the Seahawks, since earlier numbers had the Broncos -140 favorite at this sportsbook. The Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos point spread is at -3 points in favor of Denver, although the total is also at 47 points.

 As far as the Vegas sportsbooks and their odds on the Super Bowl, all of them are currently in agreement that the Broncos will win the Super bowl, giving them -135 odds, while the Seahawks are listed with +115 to win the game. The only "maverick" among them is the book at MGM Mirage, where the line on Denver is just -130 and the Seattle line is +110. Again, this is probably due to betting patterns, rather than the odds makers. The Super Bowl point spread at all of the Las Vegas sportsbooks is at -2.5 points chalk the Broncos.

 Published on 01/25/2014

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