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US Open Standings: Barnes, Glover atop US Open leaderboard

Three American golfers are currently occupying the top spots at the 2009 US Open standings, with Ricky Barnes sitting atop the US Open leaderboard on Monday, tied with Lucas Glover. Many of you may be wondering where Tiger Woods is currently positioned at the US Open Standings - Woods has rebounded slightly to tie for the 12th spot with +1 overall and shooting even today.

 US Open standings and odds: As already mentioned, at print time Ricky Barnes was topping the 2009 US Open leaderboard, sharing it with Glover. At the 5th hole Barnes is currently two under par for the day -6 overall, still leading on the rest of the pack. But Barnes is yet to be listed as a favorite - at Bodog Sports Ricky Barnes is holding 7/1 odds to win, despite the current US Open standings. Favorite by odds remains Lucas Glover, who is also at #5 with +2 today, tied for the top of the US Open leaderboard with Barnes, although holding top odds 3/2 to win the 2009 US Open. Hunter Mahan is playing much better today with one under par holding the 3rd position on the US Open standings and sitting on 7/2 odds to win the golf championship at the sportsbook.

 Tiger Woods has somewhat rebounded from the awful start of the 2009 US Open but he is far behind at this time in the US Open standings, sharing the 10th spot on the leaderboard and shooting EVEN so far today. His odds are currently at 18/1 at Bodog Sports, a far cry from the opening 3/2 to win the 2009 US Open. Click here to monitor the US Open standings and the leaderboard live in real time at the official website of the 2009 US Open Golf Championship.

 Published on 06/22/2009

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