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Best casino bonus: Choose the online casino bonus wisely

Best casino bonus: Choose the online casino bonus wisely The casino bonus is the most powerful tool in the online casinos arsenal to attract new customers to their gambling websites. But as evident, not all casino bonuses are created equally and if you are looking for the best online casino bonus, there are a few points to consider. Below we will look at three different online casinos, each offering a good bonus offer and we will see which one is the best casino bonus. But before we begin, we must let the cat out of the bag - the best casino bonus is just like beauty - it's in the eyes of the beholder.

 What makes a casino bonus "best" - the answer to that question will always depend on the individual. Most people would agree that the best casino bonus is the one offering the most free money by the online casino when the player signs up. But this is also relative and here is why. Most online casinos today advertise the bonus they offer to new customers in the form of a dollar amount. Simply look at the banners on this page and you'll see $500 free or $555 free, etc. And while this is correct, you can indeed get $500 in free bonus money from the online casino, the actual calculation of your casino bonus is slightly different. New players at the online casino will receive the bonus as a percentage of their deposit and the dollar amount advertised is the maximum amount you can get.

 Let's look at an example. The Golden Casino, one of the best online casinos on the Internet today, is advertising a $555 free bonus money to the customers signing up for the first time at this popular casino. But the actual calculation is on 100% of your deposit, i.e. if you deposit $555 you will get that same amount free, thus you'd start playing the online casino with a bankroll of $1,110. But if you deposit only $100 as your first deposit, you will get only $100 bonus from the online casino and start playing with $200.

 But let's look at another casino bonus example. At the Slots Plus online casino players will get up to $500 on their initial deposit with the gambling website. Comparing these two numbers, once could draw the conclusion that the one at Golden Casino is the best casino bonus from the two. But as we already said, look at the percentage. At Slots Plus you will get 125% on your first deposit, instead of just 100%. This means that is you deposit $100 at this online casino you will start playing your favorite casino games with a bankroll of $225, which is better than the $200 at Golden Casino. This is where it gets tricky, however. If you deposit $350 at Slots Plus you will start playing with $537.50, where if you deposit $350 at Golden Casino you will start playing with $700. At this point, the bonus at Golden Casino is much better than the one at Slots Plus. Obviously it depends on how much money you want to deposit initially. If you deposit a large sum like $350, you'd be better of with the bonus at Golden Casino, but if you deposit small at $100 - the Slots Plus is the right online casino for you to get the best casino bonus.

 There is a third online casino, as we promised earlier - the Bodog online casino. At Bodog the players get 10% on every deposit they make at the online casino (no limit), unlike the previous two online casinos where the bonus applies only to the first deposit you make with the gambling site. Of course, other promotions are given to players every week, but they do have a limit, usually 3-4 promos per week. In the short term, the bonus at Bodog is very small compared to the other two online casinos we looked at, unless you deposit an enormous sum, since the casino does not have a ceiling on the bonus money you can get. But in the long run (which is always the case with Bodog, since it's one of the best and most popular online casinos) you benefit greatly when playing at this online gambling company. You can play at this online casino for years and every time you make a deposit you will still get 10% bonus.

 As you can see, there is a great difference between the bonus offers at the online casinos. Thus calling the best casino bonus is impossible and will vary depending on the circumstances. What's the best casino bonus for one player could be the worst casino bonus for another. Make sure you always check the terms and conditions of the bonus promotions at the online casinos before you decide which one is the right for you and at which casino you will get the most free money from your deposit.

 Published on 07/25/2009

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