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How to play online casino on Mac

How to play online casino on Mac If you are one of the millions who own an Apple product, mainly Mac, and want to play the online casinos the same way PC owners do, you are somewhat out of luck. Let's start buy saying that Mac owners can indeed play online casinos, but only in two ways. The first way is very straight forward - if you own a Mac and run both Windows and Mac OS, you can play the online casino on the Windows. But considering that avoiding Windows is one of the main reasons people use the Apple's Mac, the chances this way would be useful to you is slim. The other option Mac owners have is to play the Flash-version of the online casino. Of course, either way has it's drawbacks.

 It's amazing to many in the online gambling industry that the online casinos, usually first to jump in on new technology, are slacking when it comes to supporting Macs. To be fair, it's not actually the online casinos; fault themselves, rather the casino software developer. The developers of the casino platforms, for example RealTime Gaming and Vegas Technology, are the real creators behind the casino. The online casino companies in turn just license the use of that software, which is, of course fully customizable to the particular brand. Thus even though the online casinos are hardly happy about missing on the millions of Mac users, there is not much they can do. Even the iPhone, the smart phone with the most apps available, is yet to find an online casino supporting it. And at this time only rumors are being heard from the casino software developers that maybe sometimes in the future Mac will be a supported part of their portfolios. Until then, the Flash-based online casino is the best option for Apple customers to gamble online.

 Of course, the Flash-based online casinos are nothing to blink away from. They act just as the online casino, but with two differences - the run from your browser and some online casinos don't offer the full assortment of casino games on the Flash version that a player would get if the online casino is downloaded to their computer and runs from there. But there are gambling websites which do offer all casino games and Mac users can play them all on their computers. For example Online Vegas is one of those casinos, using the Vegas Tech software, and in addition to being able to play the online casino on Mac, you can also get up to $5,000 free when you sign up for the first time here. If you want to play the RTG platform showcase, you must head to the Bodog Casino. A very beautiful Flash version of the online casino is available to both Mac owners and PC users who don't want to go through casino software installation. Check those two online casinos if you want to play on Mac or visit our best online casino list for more suggestions of top gambling websites.

 Published on 07/23/2009

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