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Exclusive game launch at the Bodog online casino

Exclusive game launch at the Bodog online casino Customers of the popular Bodog online casino now have one more perk to enjoy at the gambling website. The online casino has announced a new line of exclusive games for the players patronizing the gambling website and the launch has begun with the first video slot machine - Witches and Wizards and another one, Hydro Heat, coming very soon. "Witches and Wizards kicks it off with a magical theme, bringing spells and riches to the world of slots. Hydro Heat will bring you on a sizzling summer vacation filled with bikini clad girls and take care of that need for speed," representatives for the Bodog online casino commented for Online Gambling Paper.

 A whole new line of such games is in the works at the online casino and customer will be able to identify the Bodog exclusive games by the diamond signs next to them, pictured above. All the games carrying the elect sign at the Bodog casino will not be found anywhere else and will offer the players an exclusive shot at all the bonuses that come with those original casino games. New graphics and sounds, original storylines, new characters, and most importantly new ways to win are some of the perks players at Bodog will enjoy this year. Visit the online casino to check out the exclusive casino games offered and open an account to get 10% bonus on your deposit right away.

 Published on 07/20/2010

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