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Overhaul of Atlantic City casino control possible

Overhaul of Atlantic City casino control possible A possible overhaul awaits the Atlantic City Casino Commission Control if a bill by the current administration finds its way to a law. According to a drafted proposal cited by The Press of Atlantic City, the Casino Commission Control (CCC) may soon find itself with much less power to operate in Atlantic City. The draft by the Gov. Chris Christie’s administration would limit the powers of CCC to just licensing on casinos in Atlantic City, while transferring everything else to the Division of Gaming Enforcement, which currently serves as an investigative and enforcement agency for the billion dollar gambling industry in New Jersey.

 Since both agencies are funded by the casino industry, the aim of the draft is to cut down the expenses and use the savings to promote tourism to Atlantic City. In addition to the change of power, it's proposed that casino inspectors are no longer required to be on the casino's premises 24 hours a day, which would lead to additional cuts in the commission's expenditures. Currently the CCC employees 139 casino inspectors, almost half of which are eligible for retirement. According to estimates in the proposal - as much as $25 million could be saved by restructuring the casinos' regulatory bodies.

 In addition to the overhaul of the Casino Commission Control functions, the draft also proposes a change in some of the taxes the Atlantic City casinos are paying the state at the moment. Under the new casino proposal, would non-cashable credits, electronic credits and vouchers will seize to be considered part of gross revenue, thus avoiding the 8% tax the casinos are currently paying on those items.

 Published on 11/05/2010

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