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Video Poker Games: Jacks or Better

The most popular type of video poker game is "Jacks or Better", as well as the easiest to follow.

 Video poker, although not the most popular destination for the gambler, is still one of the popular games at the casinos. Similar to the video slots, the video poker offers a slot-like game for the people, who rather play with cards than bars and cherries. And unlike the slots, video poker strategies are actually available and working. And the most popular type of video poker game is without a doubt "Jacks or Better" and its variation of Tens or Better.

 Why is Jacks or Better the leader among the video poker games? First, it's the simplicity of the game. The minimum payout starts from a pair of Jacks and goes all the way up to Royal Flush. Jacks or Better means that you would win with any pair from Jacks up to Ace, and with the Tens or Better variation - payout starts from a pair of tens up. Here is the full payout table for a video poker game of Jacks or Better from the highest to the lowest: Royal Flush - Straight Flush - Four of a kind - Full House - Flush - Straight - Three of a Kind - Two Pair - Jacks or Better. It just doesn't get any simpler than this. If you looking to win, all you have to remember is to hold face cards and aces. The average payout of the Jacks or Better video poker games is 99.5%, which is a relatively good payout - you can expect to lose only $0.5 for every $100 in the long run. Although it's not the highest paying video poker game, Jacks or Better is the easiest to play, making it the most popular video poker game at the casinos.

 Published on 12/10/2007

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