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Legit online casinos for USA players

Legit online casinos for USA players If you are new to online gambling and are looking for legit online casinos, you are in luck, as many other players will tell you, finding a legit online casino for USA players could be a daunting task. Just like everything else on the Internet these days, there are legit online casinos and rogue ones, and it's not easy to spot which is which. Many people have been burnt by rogue casinos and let me tell you, the experience is not fun - emails sold to spammers, money won not being paid, etc. Therefore choosing a legit online casino, especially if you live in the USA, is among the most important parts of gambling online.

 Fortunately, we have been a staunch monitor of the online gambling industry for over a decade now and know which are the legit online casinos and which should be avoided at all cost. Believe it or not, it's much easier to list the legit USA online casinos than to list the rogue casinos you should never visit. Keep in mind that over the years casinos change management and ownership and it's not unheard of for once a legit casino to go rogue, as well as bad casinos to change management and really build reputation, although the latter is much more uncommon. What constitutes a legit online casino in our opinion is a gambling website which has a long history, great reputation among their customers and will pay your winnings without giving you hard time.

 So how could one find out the legit online casinos for USA, without risking ending up at a bad one? It's very simple - just select only from our Recommended Online Casinos section. The section is update constantly to reflect any changes that may occur, such as bonuses, ownership, software change, etc, so you will always have an up-to-date list of legit casinos for US players. As we mentioned earlier, it's much easier to recommend the best casinos than to review every single one out there, so the list contains just the very best and legit online casinos. Every casino on that list is highly reputable and have been doing business for many years, therefore you should select a casino from that list based on your personal preferences: biggest bonus, biggest percentage bonus, preferred software and any other criteria you may have. And if you've never gambled online before and have no idea what you prefer - you can't go wrong with the top 3 casinos listed there.

 In addition to our recommended list, we also stand behind the advertisements we run on our website. All casinos that advertise here are legit online casinos and are required to be a part of the recommended list of USA casinos before we can accept them as advertisers. So if you are looking for a legit online casino - look no further.

 Published on 10/30/2013

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