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Oscar de la Hoya fishnet pictures fake or real?

Pictures of fighter Oscar de la Hoya in a fishnet and high heels are all over the Internet, but are they real or fake?

Oscar de la Hoya fishnet pictures fake or real? The reputation of the boxer Oscar de la Hoya is in trouble after the Internet was flooded this week with pictures of him posing in fishnet stockings, high heels and boxing gloves. According to the NY Daily News the photos of de la Hoya in cross-dressing attire are being distributed by an unnamed Scores West dancer, who claims she took the pictures on May 17th at the Philadelphia Ritz-Carlton and insists on their authenticity.

 Conflicting reports on the Oscar de la Hoya's pictures continue to appear in the media. According to the Radar, the pictures are part of a bet between de la Hoya and Sugar Ray Leonard over a fight and the looser would play the ring-card girl in the next fight. The website X17, which first posted the cross-dressing photos of Oscar de la Hoya, announced that they have received a letter from his lawyer, which asks them to take the pictures down, but does not dispute their authenticity. Later, another letter was send to X17 claiming that the photos are fake.

 Bert Fields, Oscar de la Hoya's attorney, distributed the following press release: "The photographs depicting Mr. De La Hoya's image that were posted online today by an obscure paparazzi website are fake. Many of the website's viewers (as reflected in postings on the site) identified the photos as a 'really bad Photoshop job.' Unfortunately, with today's technology, anyone can make any photo seem like something other than it is." And de la Hoya's agent Jack Tiernan also claims that the photos are manufactured or manipulated.

Published on 09/20/2007

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