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Australian gambler sues casino for losses

An Aussie gambler is suing Crown Casino for losses incurred in over an year.

Australian gambler sues casino for losses Harry Kakavas, 40-year-old Australian gambler and a millionaire property developer, is suing Crown Casino and its executive John Williams for $26 million USD he allegedly lost at the baccarat table in a 14-month gambling spree at the casino. According to Kakavas, he asked the Crown Casino management to ban him from gambling at the casino in 1994 after previous losses. But after the casino found out that the high-roller was flying from Australia to Las Vegas to gamble, they lured him back in 2005 with private jet flights, free money and promised Kakavas up to 20% back on his losses at the casino.

A lawyer for the casino admitted that Harry Kakavas was offered free transportation and gifts to come back to the Crown Casino, despite the self-imposed ban ten years earlier. But the casino claims that Kakavas was not forced to accept any of the gifts and should be responsible for his own actions. Crown Casino has filed an application to strike out Kakavas' $26 million law suit against the casino.

 Published on 09/25/2007

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