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Detroit casinos will not close if the state government does

The three non-Indian casinos in Michigan (MGM Grand Detroit, Greektown and MotorCity) will not close down if the government shuts down on Monday.

Detroit casinos will not close if the state government does On Friday Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Wiliam Giovan has issued a temporary restraining order to prevent the Michigan Gaming Control Board to close the three Detroit casinos, if the state government shuts down. Judge Wiliam Giovan found that the state failed to show there would be any harm to the public safety or health if the casinos continued operating without inspectors from the Michigan Gaming Control Board. Giovan also ruled that the gaming board has violated the law by ordering the closure of the casinos without giving them an evidentiary hearing. A meeting took place a day earlier, but no cross-examination took place, which is required by law. The judge also noted that there could be greater harm of shutting down the casinos, such as missed state and local tax revenues, and the thousands of casino employees.

 The problem stems from the Michigan budget deficit and Gov. Jennifer Granholm will temporarily shut down some of the state's services such as state parks, lottery sales, driver's license renewals), starting Sunday, if no agreement has been reached with the Legislature. Richard Kalm, executive director of the Michigan Gaming Control Board, said he will follow suit with Granholm and shut down the gaming board. This would leave the three Detroit casinos without on-site inspectors - a requirement for all non-Indian casinos in the state. The casinos opposed the decision - they pay for the cost of regulating the casinos, not taxpayers, so they should be unaffected by a shutdown.

 The Assistant Attorney General Donald McGehee said an appeal of the court ruling was being weighed.

 Published on 09/29/2007

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