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Florida safety Tony Joiner arrested on burglary charges

Tony Joiner, safety for the Florida Gators, become the eight player from the team to be arrested since winning the national championship.

 According to a police report, Florida safety Tony Joiner was arrested on Tuesday and charged with felony burglary, making the young football player the eight member of the team to get into legal trouble since Florida won the national championship. Tony Joiner was arrested outside an impound lot in Gainesville, Fl. and was accused of entering the impound lot about 5:00am to retrieve his girlfriend's car, which was being held in for a $76 towing bill owed. The police claims that witnesses saw Tony Joiner entering the lot, driving the car out and was confronted while closing the gate to the impound. He then drove the car back in the lot and waited for the police to arrive. Joiner told the police that his intentions were to pay the bill, but got impatient.

 Stan Forron, the owner of the towing company claims, however, that the whole thing is one big misunderstanding. Forron says that an early arrangement was made for Tony Joiner to come to the lot, pay and pick up the car. Forron plans to plead to the State Attorney's office to drop the charges against the Florida football player.

 Tony Joiner was taken to the Alachua County Jail and later released on his own recognizance.

 Published on 10/03/2007

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